The Secret to Being a Stylish Traveler? These Chic Handbags and Carry-On Suitcases

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When we talk about fashion pairings, the first few that come to mind are blazers and crisp button-down shirts, white tees and jeans, and hoodies and denim jackets. But handbags and suitcases? Yes, yes we’re going there. Even though there won’t be a swarm of paparazzi anxiously waiting for you at airport arrivals to snap your jet-setting outfit (or maybe there will be?), that’s no excuse for neglecting your number one priority: to be the chicest traveler in the cabin.

The easiest way to achieve that, second to straight-up copying celebrities and their airport style, is to tote this season’s most coveted purse as you wheel an even chicer suitcase. As we’re finalizing our plans to return home for the holidays (or perhaps gearing up for a destination reunion?), don’t forget about your trusty travel companions: a sleek and shiny suitcase or a roomy leather carryall or an unassuming weekender. With these pairings, you could be wearing sweats and still land on a best-dressed list. Seriously.



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