7 Modern and Vintage Locket Necklaces to Personalize Your Look

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Beyond being simply pretty or shiny, jewelry can be so special because of personalization. And nothing is more personalized than a locket necklace. It can hold a cherished memory, a little piece of history, or nothing at all—whatever floats your boat!

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If you tend to shy away from overtly feminine pieces (we’re looking at you, frills), but want to slightly romanticize your look, a locket is a great way to test the waters. Pick something not so flashy and it will seamlessly go with the rest of your daily jewelry. We especially love vintage lockets, which are basically heirloom pieces of jewelry for a fraction of the cost. Or, if you’re leaning towards a modern locket, select one with sleek and clean lines.

Scroll through for the loveliest lockets available for purchase now.



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