What Jorah Wrote in His Letter to Daenerys Will Break Your Heart

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We’re sincerely hoping that Season 7 of Game of Thrones brings lots of reunions, but there’s one reunion that we’re really pulling for—a reunion between Jorah and Dany.

*Warning: Spoilers from Game of Thrones Season 7 pick up here*

At the beginning of the season, we catch up with Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen), who is living in an infirmary at the Citadel in hopes of his Greyscale being cured—which, by the way, has gotten much worse since we last saw him.

But Archmaester Marwyn (Jim Broadbent) breaks the bad news that Jorah can’t be cured, making his death by the disease seem inevitable. So Jorah begins to write a letter to Khaleesi, which we can kind of see.

Thankfully, the letter is on HBO’s Making of Game of Thrones, so you can read it in full. And being a goodbye letter, you bet it’s heartbreaking.


In case you can’t decipher the writing, here’s what he says: “Khaleesi, I came to the Citadel in the last hope that the maesters could treat me, as you ordered. Even with all their arts, I am beyond any cure but the grave. I have had a longer life than I deserved, and I only wish I could’ve lived to see the world you’re going to build, standing by your side. I have loved you since the moment I met you.”

Yep, now we’re crying.

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But luckily, the letter might never need to be sent. As we saw in “Stormborn,” Sam (John Bradley) was determined to cure Jorah, even if it meant trying a risky (and stomach-turing) treatment.

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Fingers crossed that the treatment worked, and that we get to see Jorah live long enough to reunite with his Khaleesi. We’ll be watching closely for clues when Game of Thrones airs Season 7, Episode 3 on Sunday.



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