Rita Ora Carries Her Cat as an Accessory Just Like These 3 Other Celebrities

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Rita Ora was spotted toting around a cute and cuddly accessory, but it wasn’t a typical purse or bag. No, Ora cuddled a black-and-white cat close to her while she was out and about this week.

Of course, pets are not actually accessories, but Ora and her feline friend still looked adorable together. Ora went casual in jean shorts, a red polka dot shirt, and black sunglasses, while her bi-color friend dressed to the nines in a classic fur tuxedo.

The singer and her feline also reminded us of some other all-star cat-and-human pairings, because Ora is hardly the first to carry around a pretty pet pal.

We couldn’t help but remember when Taylor Swift carried her adorable cat around New York City, only stopping briefly to smile at the camera.

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Kesha and her cat also came to mind. The singer has been seen cuddling furry friends close while out on occasion.

Actress Demi Moore and her kitty friend are equally as cute. Moore carried around a gray tabby that matched her dress.

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I guess it goes to show that the people and pets who play together, stay together—even out on the town.



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