15 Accessories to Kiss on New Year’s Eve Instead of a Significant Other

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When the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, we usually turn to our favorite dancing partner, our reliable arm candy, our puckered-up date for a smooch. But this year we’re not sharing our midnight kiss with a significant other: Instead we’re showing our appreciation to our favorite walkable heels, the softest shoulder bag, and the cheekiest earrings.

We kid, we kid—but don’t you want your NYE ensemble to be so good, you’d write an homage to it? We’d sacrifice the perfect date to score the Céline bag we’ve been lusting over. No judgment here.

So for all the girls who spend more time picking out their New Year’s ensemble than they do deciding which party to attend, please enjoy these 15 NYE accessories that are so glam, you’ll reach for them first every time.

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Plus, those Oscar de la Renta earrings will never cancel on you at the last minute.



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